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If a picture is worth a thousand words, our real estate photography and videography is worth a million.


Real Estate Photography

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Real Estate Media Packages

The First Home Package

30 MLS Ready Photos ​- 5 Drone Photos -

Client Prep Check - ​25 Video Ideas to Boost Social Media Traffic Guide| $197

The Investment Home Package

30 MLS Ready Photos - ​1 Minute Walk Through Video - ​5 Drone Photos - ​Home and Client Prep Check List - ​25 Video Ideas to Boost Social Media Traffic Guide| $297

The Dream Home Package

35 MLS Ready Photos ​- 1 Minute Walk Through Video ​- 5 Drone Photos ​​- Twilight Photos ​- Listing Website ​- Home and Client Prep Check List ​- 25 Video Ideas to Boost Social Media Traffic Guide| $397 *

The Top Producer Package

40 MLS Ready Photos, 5 drone photos, Video walkthrough, Social Media Video of the Listing, Floor Plan Listing Website & 3 twilight photos -Home and Client Prep Check List ​- 25 Video Ideas to Boost Social Media Traffic Guide $497


"Always reliable, great service, wonderful pictures. I have been working with Hat fella productions for more than 1 year. Never disappointed. Highly recommended." Jeanine Bakry

"Marlon has been a great resource for me and my real estate business. He is always professional, efficient with his time and mine, and returns a wonderful product that both myself and my clients are proud to display. I highly recommend Marlon!" Lana Larrivee

"Great experience one again! The care and attention to details in getting the perfect angles and lighting was great. Thanks Marlon! " Hal Klopfer

"Top notch communication, efficiency and product.

My favorite part, when the rare issue occurs, they’re on top of it within minutes." Josh Given

Who is Hat Fella?

Marlon Mora is dedicated to his passion that being Business, Real Estate, and photography. Utilizing his skills in all three areas he has started HatFella Productions in order to continue to serve the Realtors of Central FL grow and expand their business. With a growing drive to give back HatFella Productions is dedicated to you.


How do I prepare my property for a photoshoot?

Preparing your property for a photoshoot is crucial to ensure that it looks its best in the images. Here are some steps you can take:

Clean and Declutter: Make sure your property is clean and clutter-free. Remove personal items, excessive decor, and any items that might make rooms appear smaller.

Lighting: Natural light is your best friend. Open curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. Replace any burnt-out bulbs, and ensure all light fixtures are working.

Curb Appeal: Pay attention to the exterior. Trim the landscaping, clear driveways and walkways, and consider adding some fresh flowers or plants near the entrance for a welcoming touch.

Staging: Consider professional staging to enhance the appeal of your property. Our consultants can provide guidance on this.

Pets and People: If possible, arrange for pets and people to be out of the property during the photoshoot. This helps maintain a clean and distraction-free environment.

How long does a typical photoshoot take, and when will I receive the photos?

The duration of a photoshoot can vary depending on the size and complexity of the property. On average, a standard shoot can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. After the photoshoot, our editing team works diligently to enhance and retouch the images to ensure they meet our high-quality standards.

You can typically expect to receive the final edited photos within 24 after the photoshoot. We understand the importance of a quick turnaround in the real estate industry and strive to provide you with stunning images promptly.

What areas do we provide services in?

Yes, we offer services in the Central Florida area

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